James Baroud

Gas Struts

Introducing the James Baroud Classic Awning, a beloved choice among experienced campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this awning offers a reliable and versatile shelter solution. Its premium quality and durable construction ensure it can withstand the rigors of any camping adventure, providing lasting peace of mind.

The Classic Awning boasts a breathable and waterproof fabric that offers protection from the elements. Whether it’s rain, snow or sun, this awning provides a reliable shelter, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort. Its quick and easy setup makes it a convenient choice, giving you more time to relax and immerse yourself in nature.

For those seeking additional features, it can be complemented with the optional Classic Awning Walls and the James Baroud Tunnel.


James Baroud

Gas Struts

Replacement for the standard Gas Struts with different forces in order to upgrade your tent to be able to be safely opened with extra permanent cargo on top of your tent.

Check the forces and open weight capacity below to best fit your setup.

4 pieces set.


Check below the forces and weight limit of permanent cargo on top that each force safely holds while opening the tent.

400Nw 10kg 22lbs
450Nw 15kg 33lbs
500Nw 20kg 44lbs
600Nw 25kg 55lbs
700Nw 30kg 66lbs
800Nw 35kg 77lbs
900Nw 40kg 88lbs
Be sure to only exchange the struts if your cargo will be permanently on top of the rooftop tent. Having a gas strut force not matching the weight might make it impossible to close the tent due to the force upwards.
    Gas Struts - 400Nw (10kg / 22lb) - - - - -
    Gas Struts - 450Nw (15kg / 33lbs) - - - - -
    Gas Struts - 500Nw (20kg / 44lbs) - - - - -
    Gas Struts - 600Nw (25kg / 55lbs) - - - - -
    Gas Struts - 700Nw (30kg / 66lbs) - - - - -
    Gas Struts - 800Nw (35kg / 77lbs) - - - - -
    Gas Struts - 900Nw (40kg / 88lbs) - - - - -
    Width¹ Length¹ Pole Height
    Classic Awning – 130 (Rear Awning) 130cm (51″) 240cm (95″) 210cm (82″)
    Classic Awning – 200 200cm (78″) 270cm (106″) 210cm (82″)
    Classic Awning – 250 250cm (98″) 270cm (106″) 210cm (82″)