James Baroud


Experience the reliability and convenience of the James Baroud Barbecue, a robust stainless steel grill designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Built with 2mm-thick laser-cut stainless steel, this barbecue ensures durability and resistance to rust. It conveniently stores flat in a rugged carrying case, measuring 57x33x3cm (22x13x1 inches), making it easy to transport and store.

As an experienced camper, you’ll appreciate the versatility of the James Baroud Barbecue. With its dual-sided design, one side is optimized for grilling mouthwatering dishes, while the other side is perfect for searing and cooking with precision. The ventilation cuts ensure proper airflow, resulting in efficient burning and consistent cooking performance.

Weighing just 7kg (15lbs), this compact barbecue is a practical choice for your outdoor adventures. It’s designed to meet the demands of avid campers, providing a reliable cooking solution wherever you go. Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with the James Baroud Barbecue and savor delicious meals amidst nature’s beauty.

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