James Baroud

Grand Raid

The James Baroud Grand Raid rooftop tent is the ultimate choice for experienced overlanders seeking the utmost in durability and convenience. Building upon the exceptional features of the Evasion tent, the Grand Raid combines rugged construction with the added advantage of a cargo holder on top of the shell. This makes it the perfect solution for adventurers who require extra equipment or camping gear during their journeys.

Crafted with a lightweight yet robust composite shell, it offers exceptional strength and protection against heavy rain, strong winds, intense heat, and freezing temperatures. The tent’s James Baroud Evolution Fabric is highly resistant to water, keeping you dry during torrential downpours, while promoting optimal airflow to prevent condensation buildup. With its aerodynamic shape and reinforced construction, the Grand Raid is built to withstand powerful winds and is resistant to tearing and punctures.

With its robust construction and panoramic views, the Grand Raid offers a comfortable and captivating camping experience. Its sturdy design ensures stability and reliability, even in the harshest of environments. The large windows on all sides allow you to immerse yourself in the surrounding natural beauty, while the integrated cargo holder provides secure and easily accessible storage for up to 25kg of gear.

Uros Podlogar Panoramic shof of his James Baroud Grand Raid
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