James Baroud is a company with over 20 years of craftsmanship experience that aims to offer products with the best quality, comfort, and safety. We offer a 3-year manufacturer warranty period for all products, with the possibility to extend the rooftop tent warranty to 5 years upon registration.

Download the updated Warranty Guide with information about maintaining, cleaning, storing, installing and properly using your James Baroud.

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I need a replacement part that I’m not sure is covered by warranty, how should I proceed?

Submit your warranty request through the form on our website. If, after analysis, it is determined that it is not covered by the warranty, we will provide all the information and prices for the replacement part.

What if my product is discontinued or no longer available?

In the case of a warranty claim for a discontinued or no longer available product, the warranty remains valid, following the specified timeframes.

How should I send my product for repair?

In the case of repairing a product, even if the product is outsite the warranty period, you should fill the warranty claim form and our team will analyse your request. After moving forward with the process, the products will need to be shipped on it’s original box.

Where can I find the serial number of a rooftop tent?

The first place to look for and note your serial number is in a sticker on the outside of the tent box. If you didn’t keep the box, the tent always has the serial number on it. In the case of Evolution Series and Soft Shell tents, you can find the serial number on a label under the mattress or in the aluminum profile around the ceilling. For Frontier Series tents, the serial number can be found on a label inside the tent, near the upper aluminum profile, or you may find it on the exterior of the tent on an identification plate, near the left-side door.

I can’t find the product’s serial number. Can I submit the warranty claim?

It is possible to proceed with the warranty claim even if you don’t know your serial number. Fill out the warranty form on our website, and our team will assist you with the next steps.

Why should I register for a 5-year warranty?

Safeguard your invoice for the duration of the warranty period. Ensure quick and efficient warranty request process and response times. Stay informed with products updates and brand news.

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