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James Baroud


The James Baroud Vision sets the bar for soft roof top tent innovation. The Vision is the world’s first folding roof top tent with gas piston-assisted opening. It offers the fastest setup and takedown on the market and—thanks to its unique, modified dome shape—the best wind-resistance too, withstanding gusts of up to 120 km/h (55 mph). Once opened, it’s also our largest tent, with more interior space than any other.

The Vision is one of the lightest roof top tents in the world, with a strong and durable aluminum frame and aluminum-composite floor. Our patented James Baroud Evolution Fabric walls offer built-in insulation, while large windows, doors and vent flaps can be opened for breezy cross-ventilation. Mounting rails on the bottom ensure a secure fit to your load bars or roof rack, and the tent can be fitted to open to left, right, or rear.

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