James Baroud

Universal Tablet Support

The James Baroud Universal Tablet Support is specifically designed to provide a convenient and secure solution for watching movies and entertainment inside your rooftop tent. This support is meant to be attached to the cargo net on the internal top of the tent, allowing you to securely mount your tablet for a hands-free viewing experience.

With its sturdy construction and adjustable straps, the tablet support ensures that your device remains in place while you enjoy your favorite movies and entertainment. It is a perfect companion for camping trips, providing you with a comfortable and immersive entertainment option right inside your tent. With its universal design, it accommodates a wide range of tablet sizes and brands, offering compatibility and convenience for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Transform your rooftop tent into a cozy cinema and unwind with your tablet securely mounted on the James Baroud Universal Tablet Support. Whether you’re on a solo adventure or spending quality time with family and friends, this accessory adds an extra level of enjoyment to your camping experience.

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