James Baroud

Window Insulation Kit

Enhance your off-road adventures with the James Baroud Window Insulation Kit. Designed to provide insulation for your vehicle’s windows, this kit offers the benefits of a window double glazing, including temperature control and sound insulation. The polyester flannelette sandwiched between insulated boards ensures excellent performance in various climates.

Compatible with a wide range of off-road vehicles, the kit stays in place even on the toughest terrains with its secure suction-cup attachment. The three-layer construction features a reinforced aluminized sheet on one side and PVC on the other, allowing you maximum heat reflection outside, and blackout on the inside.

Whether you’re seeking relief from extreme temperatures or a quieter camping experience, the James Baroud Window Insulation Kit delivers. Contact us to ensure compatibility with your vehicle and enjoy the benefits of optimal temperature and sound control on your next adventure.

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