Frontier awning mounted on the open James Baroud Odyssey, with a beach in the background.

New James Baroud Frontier Awning: A Lightweight, Easy-to-Install, and Practical Overlanding Accessory

7 Jun, 2023

At James Baroud, we take pride in being at the vanguard of overlanding and outdoor gear innovation. Continually pushing boundaries and setting new standards, we are thrilled to introduce our latest product: the James Baroud Frontier Awning.

Designed as another remarkable innovation in the world of awnings, this versatile accessory brings a new level of convenience, durability, and practicality to your camping setup. With its innovative attachment system, easy installation, and seamless integration with the top shell of the Odyssey rooftop tent, the Frontier Awning is designed to enhance your camping experiences and elevate your outdoor adventures.

Easy Installation and Effortless Operation

One of the standout features of the Frontier Awning is its seamless attachment to the top shell of the Odyssey rooftop tent. Our engineers have developed a specialized gutter rail system that ensures a secure and reliable connection. Installing the awning is a straightforward process; simply slide the attachment of the awning into the gutter, and you’re all set to enjoy years of use with the awning.

When it comes to operation, the Frontier Awning shines with its ease of use. Opening the awning is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly design. Just unzip the awning case and unfold it, allowing it to extend outward and attach it to the poles in the desired height. This creates a generous outdoor space that offers shade and protection from the elements when climbing on your rooftop tent. It provides a comfortable area to relax or engage in various activities, making your outdoor experience even more enjoyable.

Versatility and Convenience in Mind

Do you worry that your car’s low profile may limit your options for a car side awning? With the James Baroud Frontier Awning, there’s no need to fret. This innovative awning attaches seamlessly to the top shell of the Odyssey rooftop tent, offering a practical solution that overcomes the height limitations of traditional car side awnings. Whether you drive a compact car or a vehicle with a lower roofline, the Frontier Awning ensures that you can still enjoy a spacious and sheltered outdoor area, without compromising on comfort or convenience. 

Having the Frontier Awning seamlessly attached to the top shell of the Odyssey rooftop tent offers several significant benefits. First, unlike traditional awnings that rely solely on the height of the vehicle, the height of the Frontier Awning is the combined sum of the car’s height and the Odyssey’s height. This means that the awning provides an extended and tall outdoor area that is not limited by the height of the vehicle alone.

James Baroud Frontier Awning covering the tent door and ladder

Another notable advantage is that the Frontier Awning covers not only the exterior space but also the ladder and the rooftop tent opening. This provides additional protection for users when climbing up or down the ladder, shielding them from external weather conditions such as rain or harsh sunlight. It adds an extra layer of convenience and comfort to the overall camping experience.

James Baroud Frontier Awning installed with the tent closed

Premium Materials and Reliable Construct

Reliability is paramount when it comes to James Baroud outdoor gear, and the Frontier Awning delivers. Constructed with high-quality materials, this awning is built to withstand the rigors of the great outdoors. The fabric is not only resistant to UV rays but also waterproof and wind resistant, providing reliable protection from the elements. The robust poles and sturdy components ensure long-lasting performance, making the Frontier Awning a dependable companion for all your outdoor escapades.

With its innovative attachment system, easy installation, and effortless operation, the Frontier Awning sets a new standard in convenience and practicality. Its ability to remain installed after breaking camp allows you to stay focused on your adventures. Crafted with premium materials for outstanding durability, the Frontier Awning ensures reliable shelter in various weather conditions. 


  • Length: 2.40 meters (7.9 feet)
  • Width: 1.70 meters (5.6 feet)
  • Pole Height: Up to 2.10 meters (6.9 feet)

Mounting Instructions

In this section, we provide step-by-step mounting instructions for the James Baroud Frontier Awning, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation process.

Car with Odyssey and Frontier Awning ready to open camp

Step 1: Position your vehicle in an appropriate camping spot, providing ample space for the awning to extend fully.

Frontier Awning being slided into the side gutters of the Odyssey

Step 2: Slide the Frontier Awning casing to the Odyssey rooftop tent, utilizing the side gutter opening. 

Frontier Awning being unfolded

Step 3: Extend the Frontier Awning by gently pulling it out, allowing the frame to unfold effortlessly. 

Attaching the poles to the awning attachment points

Step 4: Remove the poles from the end pocket of the awning, and attach the poles to the corners of the awning through the attachment points.

Adjusting the poles of the James Baroud Frontier Awning

Step 5: Adjust the height of the awning poles to suit your preferences and just twist the top pole to lock them into place.

Frontier Awning pegs and rope to attach it to the ground

For enhanced stability, secure the Frontier Awning to the ground using ropes and pegs that accompany the awning. This step ensures a solid and secure campsite, even in windy conditions. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your awning is firmly anchored, providing a comfortable outdoor living space.